Mohammed and Parveen Siddique

Mohammed and Parveen Siddique, owners of the highly successful Thornbury group in Staffordshire, talk to Tandoori.

Martin Bates talks to Tandoori

The Craft Guild of Chefs is the UK's leading chefs' association. Its chief executive officer, Martin Bates, talks to Tandoori.

Madhur Jaffrey talks to Tandoori

The doyenne of Indian food and cooking, and the woman credited with revolutionising subcontinental cuisine, Madhur Jaffrey talks to Tandoori.

Vaishak Nair talks to Tandoori

Vaishak Nair, head the Kerala Group, the UK's largest and leading south Indian restaurant chain, talks to Tandoori.

Charan Gill talks to Tandoori

Charan Gill, Scotland's Renowned Restaurateur, Entrepreneur and Channel 4's Secret Millionaire Star Talks to Tandoori.

Atique Choudhury talks to Tandoori

Proprietor of three restaurants in north London, the Thai YumYum, the Japanese Oishiii and the Mexican Mercado, Atique Choudhury talks to Tandoori.

Bajloor Rashid talks to Tandoori

Following the annual Bangladeshi Caterers Association dinner, its president, Bajloor Rashid talks to Tandoori.

Awais Dean talks to Tandoori

Tandoori talks to Awais Dean, who not only owns the famed Karahi King in Wembley, but also the Manaco supplies warehouse in north west London.

Perween Warsi talks to Tandoori

Perween Warsi CBE, founder and chief executive of the renowned and highly successful company S&A Foods, talks to Tandoori.

Bhavin Chandarana talks to Tandoori

Bhavin Chandarana, New Business Development Director of the award winning Simtom food company talks to Tandoori.