Make time for your Christmas essentials

Christmas is a profit-making time for restaurants, But not everyone gets it right. In his regular page, Ajmal Mushtaq tells us how to make merry!

Curry Sector Changes

With no let up to the changes being made to the regulations affecting the restaurant sector, Maria Fernandes casts her eye on what’s afoot

The best of 2011 autumnal wines

Wines have a wonderful tendency to be seasonal so with autumn upon us, what wines should restaurants be looking at? Chris O’Leary finds out.

Namaste says Camden

Namaaste Kitchen, in London’s Camden area, brings an Indian grill concept to its menu. Its proprietor Sabir Karim talks to Tandoori about his business.

to busy for your own restaurant

Ajmal Mushtaq tells Tandoori how to deliver better results, create more free time for yourself and add value to your restaurant.

The current rules on chefs

As regulations get tighter and tighter, what are the current rules on bringing chefs into the UK? Maria Fernandes takes an in-depth look.

How to Get the Best From Your Suppliers

Ajmal Mushtaq looks at how to get the best service from the businesses that supply your restaurant.

Almara’s Modern Indian

Almara Miah is a rarity, a successful business-woman who owns and runs a restaurant in a male dominated sector. She talks to Tandoori.

Immigration Cap - The New Changes

With a new government and a change in one of its pledges, Maria Fernandes looks at how immigration is being drastically reduced.  

Immigration Cap: The future for restaurants

The immigration cap will have a drastic impact on ethnic restaurants. Solicitor Maria Fernandes looks at what restaurant owners can expect.