It’s in his blood!

Berkshire based restaurateur, businessman and passionate member of the culinary sector, Abdul Muhaimin Miah talks to Alan McComb.

The game is on

Game isn't always the easiest to cook, but it's lean, nutritious and versatile.

All very fishy - cooking with fish

Fish is one the most versatile, delicious and healthy of natural foods to be found anywhere in the world.

Salads the Indian way

Want to revitalise your menu? We talk to chef Bhaskar Pillai of Myristica restaurant in Bristol about how salads are an exciting and healthy choice.

Make hygiene your top priority

Ajmal Mushtaq, business expert and chef-director of Mushtaqs Restaurant in Hamilton, explains how his restaurant achieved award winning hygiene standards.

Our Dubai franchise

With V8 Gourmet's first Tiffinbites brand launch in Dubai, Andy Varma Director, Food & Business Development for the group reflects on the new opening and franchising.

All kitted out

Do staff uniforms matter? When it comes to first impressions of your restaurant, of course they do, as Adeel Nauyeck, head of Tiffinbites restaurants, tells Tandoori.

It’s cooking with substance

A stalwart of the Indian restaurant scene, Manoj Vasaikar, of Indian Zing and Indian Zest fame, is now one of its leading lights.

How to make £10,000 in a single day

Create opportunities in your restaurant and your finances will be much better, as restaurateur Ajmal Mushtaq tells Tandoori.

Good knives make all the difference

Kitchen knives that are good and sturdy can make all the difference in a restaurant kitchen, says Andy Varma of V8 Gourmet Group.