Make me an offer

From the post-Christmas downturn to the summer holiday period, restaurants make all kinds of customer offers to fight off the slump in business. Humayun Hussain takes in in-depth look

The BCA Awards 2011

Celebrating the success of UK curry houses, the BCA will soon be holding its 2011 event. Its president Bajloor Rashid talks to Tandoori.

Big name winners at the World Food Awards

The annual World Food Awards were another glittering occasion this year with well-known companies and brands taking home an array of awards

English Curry Awards

The winners of the first-ever English Curry Awards were announced at a glittering bash at the Sheridan Suite in Manchester.

Lasan’s dynamic duo

Cast your mind back to Birmingham’s Indian restaurant scene as it was a decade or so ago and what it reminds you of primarily of the burgeoning Balti restaurants that seem to be springing up everywhere.

Indian pubs and bars

Indian restaurants have been based in all kinds of premises, even pubs and bars. But does that make any difference? Tandoori finds out

The man form the colony

Carlo Spetale is one of London's most prominent restaurateurs and behind the Colony Bar and Grill. He talks to Humayun Hussain

The great Christmas opportunity

The Christmas season is upon us. Andy Varma looks at how you can take advantage of this opportunity

National Insurance Holiday for new business

Businesses always have new rules and regulations to look out for. Justin Randall looks at what's in store at the moment

Emergency budget 2010: how it affects you

Justin Randall, partner at Jeffreys Henrys LLP, looks at how the new budget will have an impact on the restaurant trade.