Scientists create a seedless mango

Posted on News Oct 2014 - by Publisher
Scientists create a seedless mango

As the ban imposed on mangoes coming into the EU from India takes hold, scientists there have reportedly successfully grown a “seedless” mango.

Researchers at the Bihar Agriculture University (BAU) have borne a fruit that is sweet and juicy – but without that large stone in the centre. The new variety, called Sindhu, which the university claims also has good export potential, weighs around 200g and is less fibrous than other types of mango.

Mango lovers though need to take caution:  V B Patel, chairman of the horticulture department at the university, said, “Neither have we developed this mango nor is it seedless. We simply tested this variety. But we are happy and enthusiastic as well as confident and hopeful of improving the seedless mango variety.”

BAU planted its own mangoes in 2011 and this is the first year that produce has been yielded. The university is now working to make the fruit available to local mango growers on an experimental basis.

A major producer of mangoes, Bihar, according to the National Horticulture Mission (NHM), produced 1.5 million tonnes of the fruit last year.

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