Red Hot World Buffet’s pastry chef doing wonders!

Posted on News Jul 2013 - by Tandoori Magazine
Red Hot World Buffet’s pastry chef doing wonders!

Red Hot World Buffet’s array of gateaux, desserts and pastries are gaining a lot of attention thanks to head pastry chef Darshan Choudhari.

The chef is responsible for designing and sculpting a world of tempting treats in every one of the leading buffet restaurant’s seven branches, which serve some two million customers each year.

Chocolate statues, floral displays in spun sugar and underwater scenes have been serving as examples of the scale and precision that Choudhari works to, while providing a stunning backdrop to a host of desserts.

Red Hot’s purveyor of all things tasty joined the company as a pastry chef in 2010 and soon impressed his managers with his vast repertoire of dishes, going on to take the lead role within his team in just one year. In his current position, Darshan creates new concepts and recipes for a plethora of mouth-watering creations that fly off the platters every lunch and dinner time.

Bestsellers include French classic the crème brȗlée, chocolate fudge brownies, deliciously smooth cheesecakes and colourful ice cream sundaes.

Choudhari's  most recent triumph saw him mastermind a 20-stone cake pop, believed to be the biggest in the world, that took 17 hours and 95kg of chocolate to create and is adorned with 3,000 individual mini cake pops. In the past he has also been responsible for creating an edible Belgian chocolate sculpture in the form of a castle measuring 9.5ft tall by 9ft wide. The huge structure weighed 260kg and contained 1,800 petit fours consisting of 600 different varieties of desserts from around the world.

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