Mediterranean diet can add three years to life

Posted on News Mar 2012 - by Tandoori Editor
Mediterranean diet can add three years to life

A new scientific study has found that eating a Mediterranean diet can on average extend life by three years.

The research by the University of Gothenburg, published in the Age journal, examined the effect such a diet had on thousands of 70-year-olds over a forty year period. The results indicated that those that stick to a Mediterranean diet had a 20% likelihood of living longer.
It has long been believed that those who follow southern European diet, rich in fish, vegetables, fruit and olive oil experience a number of health benefits compared to those in the north, with a diet rich in animal-based products like milk and meat.
The high-fibre, low-fat diet traditionally favoured in the southern European countries of Greece, Italy and Spain is high in antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids. Other studies have pointed to the likelihood that such foods protect against heart disease, cancer and dementia.
Last year the Mediterranean diet was granted World Heritage status by Unesco.
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