McDonald’s launches ‘soft skills’ campaign

Posted on News Apr 2015 - by Publisher
McDonald’s launches ‘soft skills’ campaign

Fast-food giant McDonald’s is teaming up with entrepreneurs including James Caan and organisations such as the CBI and the National Youth Agency to call for a focus on “soft skills” within business.


The campaign warns that many employers and educators do not sufficiently appreciate or encourage the importance of such skills, particularly within the accommodation, and foodservice sectors. So-called soft skills are defined as communication, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and time- and self-management.


In its report from development Economics and survey by polling agency YouGov, the campaign estimates that these skills are worth £88b to the UK economy. But despite many employers seeing them as more relevant than academic qualifications – 75% said that they felt there was already a “soft skills gap” in the workforce, and over half (54%) of UK employees admitted they struggled to sell their soft skills and had never included them on their CV.


Entrepreneur Caan is helping to lead the campaign with a three-month consultation on current practices and attitudes towards soft skills, ahead of the publication of an expected list of recommendations intended to help employers recognise the value such skills can bring to the workplace.

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