Firefly Launch Natural Antioxidant Firefly Waters

Posted on News Aug 2008 - by Tandoori Magazine
Firefly Launch Natural Antioxidant Firefly Waters

Revolutionary functional soft drinks company, Firefly, revealed a new range of low calorie and natural antioxidant-infused “Firefly Waters” in April. The waters are made from 100% natural sources and have about one third of the calories of typical juices and soft drinks.

The range is inspired by Firefly co-founder, Harry Briggs’ visit to China, where he noticed that people carry flasks of healthy green tea around with them and, in the process, gaining many health benefits. Consequently, Briggs came up with an idea to create a range of antioxidant waters.

There are currently three Firefly Waters on the market: Green Tea and Mint, Redbush and Acerola, Yerba Maté Lime and Lemongrass. Briggs describes the waters as: “drinks you can have everyday and know you’ll be a bit healthier as a result.”

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