Disgraced Tory treasurer served Sam Cam a ‘ruby murry’

Posted on News May 2012 - by Tandoori Editor
Disgraced Tory treasurer served Sam Cam a ‘ruby murry’

Disgraced Tory treasurer Peter Cruddas claims to have served Samantha Cameron a curry at a charity event held at Chequers, the Prime Ministers country residence.

Cruddas – forced to quit his fundraising role with the Conservatives after the cash-for-access scandal – told undercover reporters that he had met the David Cameron some 13 times for dinner at private events.

The ex treasurer had boasted to reporters from the Sunday Times that he could arrange access to the Prime Minister in return for a donation of £250,000 to party funds.

During the secret recording, Cruddas told the reporters that he had served a “ruby murray” – slang term for curry – to Cameron’s wife, Samantha, when she was his dinner companion at a fundraising event for Mencap, at Chequers, which he sponsored.

Conservative HQ admitted there had indeed been a charity event at Chequers, but said stated, “We never claimed we were publishing details of every occasion the PM had met with a donor, and explicitly did not publish details of the Chequers charity opera event.”

Cruddas resigned soon after details of the secret recordings were made public.

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