British made, Indian inspired cider

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British made, Indian inspired cider
British made, Indian Inspired Cider ready to shake up the drinks market
A new alcoholic drinks brand, Pukhraj Premium Medium Cider, is aiming to capitalise on the continuing growth in Cider sales and Britain’s love affair with Indian Cuisine.
Puckhraj Medium Cider is available in the ever popular 500ml bottle size  with an ABV of 5.4% . It is fermented from 100% fresh pressed English apples from Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, without added concentrates, served chilled  Pukhraj Cider has a Golden colour and  is slightly sparkling. Its aroma is of dried fruit aromas and tastes of caramel, butterscotch and apples.
Suresh comments: “I was offered a huge selection of Indian beers to compliment my meal including Cobra and Kingfisher - what I really wanted was a good quality cider. Given the continued growth in popularity of cider and the complimentary nature of cider with spicy food it seemed crazy that I couldn’t find the perfect cider to go with my meal. I didn’t believe I was alone in thinking this and my market research confirmed that not only was there a gap in the market for such a product but also that cider is the perfect accompaniment to spicy Indian dishes.”
Suresh Patel with Allen Hogan of Hogan's Cider
After much research into the cider market Suresh teamed up with award winning Cider Maker Allen Hogan from Warwickshire. Their aim was to create a premium cider with a special blend that complemented spicy food.
Allen Hogan added: “When I started my business I was lucky enough to find people happy to offer me advice along the way. When Suresh approached me about cider making I really liked his enthusiasm and saw, as he did, a gap in the market. At Hogan’s Cider we don’t know the Indian Restaurant market but we do understand cider and that is why we decided to team up with Suresh to blend a cider specifically for this market.”
Cider sales in the UK have soared 32% between 2007 and 2012 to reach £2.7bn . The uk are world leaders in producing premium cider due to a high  quality selection of apples .  This, along with the fact that Pukhraj is a premium cider made from 100% fresh pressed English apples, has resulted in the cider being popular with Indian Restaurant Owners and consumers alike.
We have had great response from all our restaurants that stock the cider . Owner of Janaki restaurant in Solihull, Sanjay added:  It’s been a unique product for me to introduce to my customers. Our cider sales have increased dramatically and as Pukhraj is designed to go with Indian food my regulars have turned their back on the so-called mainstream cider brands.
Pukhraj Cider is growing in popularity with considerable sales in the West Midlands. Plans are now in place to take the product across the UK – with London and Manchester the immediate focus for brand expansion.
Suresh added: “The reaction to Pukhraj Cider so far has exceeded my expectations. Our main aim now is to work with Indian Restaurants across the UK to take this British made, Indian Inspired Cider to the consumers”
For more information about Pukhraj Cider and details of where to buy please visit , email or call Suresh on 07976704494.
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