Bangladeshis Demonstrate to Save Scotland’s Curry

Posted on News May 2008 - by Tandoori Magazine
Bangladeshis Demonstrate to Save Scotland’s Curry

There are thousands of curry restaurants in  Scotland employing hundreds of thousands of staff. A huge proportion of these employees hail from Bangladesh and the industry contributes around £3.2billion to the British Economy every year.

With this in mind, the Bangladesh Samity (Association) of Edinburgh held a demonstration at the Scottish Parliament on 13 March 2008, amidst fears that new immigration laws imposed on 29 February would create a shortfall of kitchen staff that would severely affect restaurant businesses in Scotland.

It has been thought that the laws restrict the ability of many restaurants to say open during daytime hours. Many restaurateurs are said to be considering removing items from their menus due to the scarcity of kitchen staff with appropriate ethnic culinary skills, prompting worries about the future of Scotland’s curry industry.

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