Leading chicken breast brand Super Pollo exibiting at IFE London 2017

Posted on News Mar 2017 - by Tandoori Magazine
Leading chicken breast brand Super Pollo exibiting at IFE London 2017

Super Pollo is a top quality premium chicken breast farmed and produced by world leading food producer Agrosuper and designed to meet the highest quality standards and the most exigent demands of the ethnic food service industry.

Present in the UK market for over 20 years, Super Pollo conquered more and more chefs by proving to be the best complement for every curry recipe thanks to its unique size, texture and natural taste and has established itself ad market leader in its segment. 

We are so proud of this history of success and so thankful to our loyal customers that our mission for 2017 is to get closer to our final user and let them know much more about our company and products and how we can help their business and guarantee excellent quality in every dish.

So, who is Agrosuper? We started 60 years ago, in Rancagua Chile with one man producing and distributing eggs (Don Gonzalo-Vial who remains sole owner) and under his leadership we have grown year on year and today we dominate our domestic market. The company maintains a strong focus on export which accounts for over 40% of our turnover, a figure which we are always looking to increase and is helped mainly by our policy of “Be Global, act Local” we have offices in Europe, USA, China, Japan and Mexico, enabling us to forge long lasting relationships with our clients and giving us the capacity to respond quickly to their needs and the ever-changing needs of the market.

The UK is an important part of our sales and distribution and we are incredibly proud to supply the ethnic foodservice industry with our products, particularly our chicken breast brands Super Pollo, King and Santi which have all become market leaders in their respective segments. 

We feel now is the time for us to make a step forward giving more our focus and attention to our products end user, the restaurateurs and chefs who have placed their trust and loyalty with our company helping us to build up a recognizable brand and a strong reputation.

To do that, we are very excited to announce our participation for the first time to the next International Food Exhibition in London where our sale team will meet you and be at full disposal to provide you all the information on our products.

We are also planning an exciting program of events and campaign, so stay tuned and follow us on Tandoori Magazine and on our website http://b2b.agrosuperfoods.com/uk/.

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