5 A Day a Must

Posted on News May 2008 - by Tandoori Magazine

The Food Standards Agency has stated that 42 percent of Brits are still failing to eat their recommended daily portions of fruit and vegetables.

According to the Government agency while 78 percent of people realise the 5-A-Day recommendation, only 58 percent of people actually follow it.

In order to get more people to eat their recommended portions a vegetable alliance has formed to promote a number of campaigns. From each vegetarian website you can get hits and tips as well as recipes of how to incorporate vegetables into your daily diet.

If you love shallots then your first port of call should be http://www.ukshallot.com, or how about http://www.british-leeks.co.uk. Just in time for summer there is a special website just for the season. Go to http://www.tastesofsummer.co.uk for recipes to keep you on your five a day throughout the sunny months. 

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