Is Your Restaurant Online Ordering Model Affecting Your Profit Margins?

Posted on Nov 2016 - by Publisher
Is Your Restaurant Online Ordering Model Affecting Your Profit Margins?

Online ordering is changing the way restaurants do business. While the restaurant industry has always been competitive and risky, changes over the past few years in tech have added a new variable for restaurant owners to consider: online ordering is now a vital part of how restaurants handle pick-ups, deliveries, and reservations. 

There are some great services available in the online ordering space who spend vast sums on advertising and are therefore very effective at encouraging consumers to place orders. Unfortunately the costs associated with this business model means they need to add a significant commission on top of every order to recoup their investment.

Despite this we think takeaways should still utilise these services to attract new customers, and regard the cost as a worthwhile investment. However, once new customers start ordering regularly they should think about cutting out the middleman and saving money on commission payments - this is where we come in.

FeedBelly helps takeaways save money by providing them with their very own zero commission ordering solution. We provide each of our clients with a robust ordering system available as both a website and native mobile ordering app; an online dashboard to receive orders and update content; a fully integrated card processing service; an optional GPRS printer; a team of experts on hand to provide guidance on launching and marketing the app; and helpful customer service staff available to lend a hand at any point. All for a NO setup fee and flat rate subscription starting at just £10 per week – most importantly there’s no commission to pay, no matter how many orders are received.

Prior to launching in January 2014 our team spent a great deal of time talking to takeaway owners and staff to ensure we created an all encompassing ordering solution, however we didn’t stop there, we are continually thinking of ways to improve and add value our clients 

Feedback from the industry has been tremendous and the number of new takeaways signing up (currently around 150 each month) indicates that own-brand ordering systems are increasing in popularity.”

If you’d like FeedBelly to create a zero commission ordering solution for your takeaway give us call today on 03455 480100 or visit their website 

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