Save on your electricity bills

Posted on In Focus Nov 2010 - by Tandoori Magazine
Save on your electricity bills

Making savings on your expenses is imperative. Ajmal Mushtaq tells Tandoori how it can be done with your electricity.

There are numerous reasons why companies fail. A common cause is inefficiency and not having a grasp on cost control. It is all about driving efficiency into every part of your business.

As a business expert, I have delivered multi-million pound projects for some of the UK's biggest companies and implemented the same practices at Mushtaqs restaurant, resulting in some incredible results. In this issue of Tandoori, I want to explain how Mushtaqs restaurant is saving over 9800 hours of electricity per year without affecting the customer experience.

It is vital to ensure that your team are fully aware of your objectives and receive the correct training. Previously at Mushtaqs, as soon as the team arrived, everything was switched on automatically regardless of whether it was required or not. Today, there is more consideration around cost control. All of these savings can be made behind the scenes and do not impact the customer experience.

Turn one off at 8pm. Use both fryers at peak times and as soon as the main service is complete, one is turned off - usually around 8.30pm. Even if it does remain busy, our experienced chef can manage the workload without affecting the timings for service. Average saving = 3.5 hours per day

Turn on hotplates when the first customer arrives. Our hotplates can heat plates within 4 minutes. So it made sense to switch them on when the first customer arrived. By the time they settle, get their drinks and order their meal, the plates can be heated to the serving temperature. Average saving = 2.5 hrs per day

Coffee machine
Turn on the coffee machine, which takes three minutes to heat up, when the first customer is having his main course - not the minute you open. On average, at least 1 hour is saved at the start of the evening service. Similarly, turn off the coffee machine after the last customer - not when you close-saving around another 1.5 hours. Average saving = 2.5 hours per day

Extractor fans
There are three powerful fans in the kitchen - when it is busy at peak times they are all required. For weekdays, two fans are more than sufficient so the third one remains switched off. Average saving = 9.5 hours per day

Store lights
The Mushtaqs team is trained to get all items they require from the store. This ensures we can keep the lights switched off and there is more efficiency as the team do not need to run back and forth to the store. Average saving 6 hours per day

We close at 11pm and our staff usually have dinner and leave around 11.30pm. Can you imagine how much it costs to run 60 bulbs for 30 minutes for 365 days! 50 of the lights in the restaurant are switched off and this is more than enough to light the staff tables. You don't need a fully lit restaurant when you have staff on only one or two tables. Average saving = 0.5 hrs per day

Total average saving
= 27 hours per day
= 189 hours per week
= 9828 hours per year

The key point here is that these are all savings that do not impact the customer experience. It is simply a case of being vigilant with cost control behind the scenes.

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