Mohammed and Parveen Siddique

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Mohammed and Parveen Siddique

Mohammed and Parveen Siddique, owners of the highly successful Thornbury group in Staffordshire, talk to Tandoori.

Thornbury Hall Rasoi opened over 10 years ago. What made you launch the project?
Mohammed: Thornbury Hall Rasoi opened 16 years ago. The venture was extremely difficult considering it was at a time when the financial market was unsteady. Living in the Staffordshire moorlands and launching a restaurant from Thornbury Hall, which up to that point was purely our home, was a big commitment. However, the enthusiasm and discipline to expand has been a natural progression in the business.

You are a husband and wife team that own and run three restaurant outlets within the Thornbury group. How do you divide your duties in terms of your roles?
Mohammed: We never had to divide our duties with regards to the business. When we first started we both started with what was most natural to one another using our individual strengths. 
Parveen: I enjoy front house and spending time with the customers. I am also kept occupied with the community and charity work that I am involved with. The latter has always been a passion of mine and very much what I'm committed to.

As two people who are working together yet married, is it difficult to switch off from talking about work when you are both at home?
Parveen: Tell me about it! Work work work! Mohammed and I do try, and are both very understanding with one another. Due to our committed relationship we are both on the same page which makes the home aspect much easier.
Mohammed: I agree, also the children ban work talk at the dinner table and car journeys!
Parveen, as a mother, what's it been like dividing your time between heading up a restaurant group and bringing up children at the same time?
Parveen: We are very blessed with four beautiful appreciative children. We all participate as a family and recognize the way the business is run. The children have helped out from a young age and Mohammed and I do manage to always find time for the children.

What do you both like to eat?
Mohammed: Whatever Parveen cooks for me!
Parveen: I really enjoy cooking as much as I do eating. I get pleasure out of cooking for my family, from baking a cake to an extravagant menu.

What are your hobbies and how do you relax?
Mohammed: I enjoy watching my son play cricket. As a whole we are generally a sporty active family, I still play squash with my sons when I can, although most of my time outside of work is devoted to Hamza's (my youngest) cricket, which I do take a lot of pride in. 
Parveen: For me spending time with my daughters is relaxing, and shopping of course, lunching with friends, catching up with family and reading.

What advice would you give to any married couple who may be thinking of going into the restaurant business together?
Parveen: To know your partner on a professional level and that you share common goals in order to develop a good business plan together.

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