Luthfur Rahman

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Luthfur Rahman

What made you become a restaurateur? As a young boy I was introduced to the curry industry and I had my first restaurant job at 15. It was from that time that I developed a passion and desire to become a restaurateur.

What has been the best and worst aspect of being a restaurateur for you? 
The best aspect is knowing I am part of the world’s most famous and desired cuisines, achieving national awards for recognition in my own right and to the high standard and tastes I insist my team deliver. There is no worst aspect, as I thrive on the challenge of being the best, also making sure I am proactive and turning any potential negative into a positive.
In your view, what makes a good restaurant? 
A happy healthy team always striving to improve and maintain amazing food, wonderful service and a “wow” environment. Also, passion, love, creativity, to amaze our clients and have them leaving at the end of a lunch time or evening always wanting more.
You have a new flagship restaurant, The Mint Room, in your group. What made you want to open a modern Indian restaurant in Bath? 
After lengthy and in-depth research into Bath city I designed an amazing style of restaurant that doesn’t readily exist in this city. We have redefined Indian cuisine to its best in style, presentation, interior design and with outstanding signature dishes that can only be described as a culinary delight.
What is so attractive in the south-west that makes you launch restaurants there? 
The south-west is a beautiful and historical part of England, where I believe that my unique style, tastes and presentation educates and delights some of the finest diners in the UK.
How do you manage to run the different restaurants and yet be consistent with quality? 
Realising I am a medium-size organisation, I have a fantastic team of key personnel that are all driven by the same passion and ambition to maintain exceptionally high standards and consistent quality. I make time to continually view and taste each restaurant’s creation so that consistency and quality are to the fore.
What do you like to eat and drink yourself? 
There is nothing better than a lovely refreshing cup of tea and my mum’s food, of course!
How do you combine family life with being a successful restaurateur? 
Having the trust and reliability in my key personnel and management team. My family are my present and my future, making time for them is a real pleasure and joy. Being well balanced between the two is to me what makes me a successful restaurateur.
What advice would you give to budding restaurateurs? 
Everything comes with hard work, commitment, sweat and tears. Number one: advice comes free, mistakes cost money, and number two: winners never quit and quitters never win. This is what contributes to being a successful restaurateur.
How would you like to be remembered?
As the ambassador of amazing Indian cuisine in the south-west of England, who created superb restaurants along with being someone who gave to local, national and international charities. Also, my big smile, huge yet humble personality and of course being a good dad, husband, son, brother and uncle!
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