How to Get the Best From Your Suppliers

Posted on In Focus May 2011 - by Tandoori Editor
How to Get the Best From Your Suppliers

If you were to go into a restaurant and the meal was substandard and the service poor, you would probably never go back and you’d be happy to spend your money elsewhere. As a paying customer, you simply deserve quality and a great service. 

But why is it, when as restaurant owners, we sometimes accept less than 100% from our suppliers while we are paying them thousands of pounds every week? We should implement stringent demands from our suppliers.
Mushtaqs restaurant carried out a review of both the quality of service and the quality of product from its suppliers and found that often it is not 100% as it should be.
As a business expert, I have delivered multi-million pound projects for some of the UK’s biggest companies and now I have implemented the same practices to Mushtaqs restaurant and have seen some incredible results. In this edition of Tandoori, I explain exactly how you can get the best from 
your suppliers.
The starting point is clear communication between your restaurant and all your suppliers for each product. Here is an illustrative example of how Mushtaqs manages it lamb suppliers.
Let’s start by looking at some basic rules adopted by Mushtaqs:
In this example the total spend is £2,000. Do not to depend on one supplier. If anything happens to that supplier and you do not get a delivery, then ultimately your customers may suffer.
Have three suppliers for your most important produce. Tier them and make sure they are aware of how much they earn compared to your total spend. Also, they must be aware of the consequences of poor service.
Having multiple suppliers ensures they are always striving to deliver perfect quality produce, great service and competitive pricing. 
If even a single item is not up to the required standard, then the whole order gets rejected and the order is placed with supplier two. 
If a supplier delivers late, delivers goods not up to the required standard, overcharges on the invoice, then they get a ‘Black Mark’. Two black marks means the supplier is ‘relegated’ to the bottom of the supplier list.
This means a supplier could go from earning £1,200 per week to £200 per week if they fail to meet the Mushtaqs standard.
This system is fair for all your suppliers, your team and your customers. The benefits include:
• Reduced storage as we have just in time delivery
• Reduced stock cost
• Reduced headache as over 97% of deliveries have no issues
• Confidence that your customers will always get the best produce
• Increased efficiency for your business
As a ‘customer’ who pays out thousands of pounds per week to your suppliers, you have every right to be demanding and you must ensure you are getting nothing but the best.
This system has effectively automated a superior level of quality being delivered to Mushtaqs and we rarely have any issues. I would recommend all restaurant owners to conduct a survey of your current suppliers and implement the above system. 
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