Eating out increases in pub-restaurants

Posted on Analysis Sep 2012 - by Tandoori Editor
Eating out increases in pub-restaurants


According to Horizon, the foodservice data analysts, pub-restaurants have been the greatest beneficiary of UK diners eating out more frequently over the last year. The result of the survey of 2,015 consumers shows that the average adult will eat out almost three times over a fortnight. This is an increase from the previous year’s figure which was a figure of diners eating out just over twice in the same period. This indicates eating out has become engrained in UK culture.

Pub restaurants consisted of 19 per cent of those visits with takeaway and home delivery outlets following close behind with 17 per cent. The most popular cuisine was Italian with 9 per cent of consumers when asked about the last two weeks.

Director of services at Horizon’s, Paul Backman, said it was surprising that despite the difficult economy and a lack of money to spend, consumers were eating out more regularly, indicating that many see it as an affordable luxury. He went on to explain, pubs serving food were likely to be the greatest beneficiaries of the trend for eating out more for a number of reasons, namely because they had adapted well to the market by offering good value and deals, were hubs of the local community and generally catered for different markets.

Backman said, “pubs run by the big pub groups have also reacted well to the financial climate and have focused on providing good value, such as offering two main courses for £10 or giving away a free ice-cream with the meal. They have done well to attract the family market too. The smoking ban has led to many having to change their focus, but it also means they can be more family-friendly.”

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