Mint Room - Bath’s Golden Hero

Posted on Movers and Shakers Sep 2012 - by Tandoori Editor
Mint Room - Bath’s Golden Hero

The Mint Room has become a huge success in Bath after just a short span. Its general manager Moe Rahman, who co-owns the restaurant with brother Luthfur Rahman, talks to Tandoori

What made you open an upmarket, modern Indian restaurant in Bath?

Having six restaurants across Somerset and Devon we were ready to open a fine dining restaurant in Bath. There are so many lovely cities in the south west of England, but an opportunity arose in Bath and we immediately fell in love with the place.


As someone who knows about the London restaurant scene, what is the upside and what is the downside of opening an upscale Indian restaurant in the south-west?

No one else in the south west is doing fine Indian dining like we are, so it’s great, fresh and exciting, as for downside, there isn’t one so far!


As it’s been several months since you launched the Mint Room, do you feel you made the right decision of opening in a town such as Bath?

Absolutely, 100%! In the six months we have opened, we have met so many wonderful customers and made so many friends, our customers really appreciate our cuisine and the service we offer. So much so that we are already listed for the 2013 Michelin Guide which is a great honour.


What has been the customer feedback been like for the restaurant?

Wonderful, we have received so much positive feedback, from the official opening nights, which were packed out the buzz just has continued from then on without fail.


What was the initial investment you made to launch the restaurant?

 Immeasurable when you consider the economic climate we currently find ourselves in. No expense was spared on the refit of the restaurant and of course similarly with the cuisine we serve. We have and continue to support local business where possible which we hope is all helping the economy with Bath city itself. Of course, personally my investment is working seven days a week and no days off or holidays, but it is worth it.


How would you describe the cooking style at the Mint Room?

Modern, innovative and fresh. Our head chef never sits still constantly working on new ideas and dishes. All of our dishes on the menu are served to the table elegantly plated, which is something quite different from traditional style Indian restaurants.


What is the cost per head of dining at the Mint Room?

Around £30


How many staff does the Mint Room employ?

We currently have six kitchen staff and seven front of house staff.


What makes your restaurant such a success?

Our passion to succeed, which reflects through all of our staff. We want to be top of our game and are constantly striving to be the best.


What has been one key decision that you have taken?

To stand strong on Indian fine dining. This was a risk as it is quite an unfamiliar way of doing Indian food in the south west, where people are used to more traditional Indian cooking. However, I’m pleased to say that the people of Bath have embraced our cuisine.


What does the future hold for the Mint Room?

The journey continues. My brother and I never stand still. We take nothing for granted and know that hard work and dedication is what helps people to succeed. We are grateful to be thriving in the current economic climate, but we have made many sacrifices to put the business first and hope to continue the success.

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