The Must-Have Ice Cream

Posted on In Focus Aug 2008 - by Tandoori Magazine
The Must-Have Ice Cream

Euro Ice Cream offers ice creams and other desserts that have high-visibility in restaurants, as company managing director Phiroz Sheikh tells Tandoori.

Ice cream is a desert that has universal appeal. Whether it’s at home or just a cone as you are walking by on a hot summer’s day, or even in a restaurant where there is nothing more pleasurable after a fine and filling meal to have a light ice cream.

While in Indian restaurants traditionally, the dessert to have has been kulfi, the fat is that desserts have moved on. This is partly because the indigenous British population have generally not opted for Indian desserts, citing them as overly sweet, and partly because restaurants have modernised and sweet items have become ever more sophisticated.

One of the major companies on the Indian food and restaurant scene to have made inroads into the burgeoning and ever-changing Indian dessert side has been Euro Ice Cream, which started business in 1987. However its range of over 80 desserts doesn’t just focus on ice creams.

There is karahi kulfi and malai truffle kulfi and Oriental ice creams such as the monkey pie to individual bombe-style ice creams like the coconut bombe and the cocoa chocolate pavlova, to luxury ice creams and sorbets like the lila vanilla fruit delight, the strawberry & vanilla sundae and of course such iconic ice creams as the coconut lagoon and the mango delight. The latest range to grace this selection is Euro Ice Cream’s Mariya’s Tortes and Truffles, encompassing such mouth-watering temptations as tiramisu torte, the chocolate log, pistachio truffles and lemon cheesecake, amongst others.

“When we launched,” says Phiroz Sheikh, managing director of Euro Ice Cream, “we could see that there was a clear gap in the market. Indian cuisine and restaurants were fast becoming very popular with the British public, but what so many restaurants lacked was the know-how to make desserts. That’s where we came in.

From the outset, we made a point of offering such traditional favourites as kulfi, as well as more exotic fare as coconut ice cream in a coconut shell, crème de menthe and lemon and orange sorbets. The desserts went down very well and our business really took off very quickly.”

As the company’s desserts have become more well-known and its name spread further, not only has the range got better, the company has sought expansion, both in terms of the client range – which now spreads further than restaurants to hotels, the retail trade and even desserts aimed at the Asian weddings and events market.

“Pre-prepared desserts offer convenience to a food business,” adds Sheikh, “that wouldn’t ordinarily be available to them. So rather than having personnel like dessert or patisserie chefs, restaurateurs would much rather give their customers ready-made desserts. The added bonus is that it also gives them far more choice too.”

The company’s move to its new large and modern premises in Birmingham allows it to streamline the business more, allowing it to improve on its manufacturing, administration and distribution. It may be a huge investment for Euro Ice, but Sheikh says that it gives them a chance to develop new products and make the wings of their distribution expand further.

“One has to remember,” he states, “that there is a lot more competition nowadays as well so you really have to be on top of your game. We have to continue to develop all kinds of desserts for a sector that is fluent. In addition, we have to be innovative and come up with recipes and flavours which give customers a new experience and something they will order time and again. This is in line with what’s happening to Indian restaurant food which is advancing and becoming ever better.

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