Small, Perfectly Formed and Very, Very Cool

Posted on In Focus Dec 2008 - by Tandoori Magazine
Small, Perfectly Formed and Very, Very Cool

Coors Compactdraught System is a plus for Indian restaurants, as Tandoori finds out.

As most restaurateurs know, the majority of diners who come to an Indian restaurant enjoy a drink with their meal, more often than not this drink will be alcoholic and Britain being Britain, the first drink of choice for many will be a pint of beer.

For many diners, being able to have draught beer with their meal is a big attraction. However for the average Indian restaurant a number of constraints mean that this is just not practical.

The problem for many restaurants, is that they don’t have enough regular customers or enough space to warrant investing in a full size draught system, as used in bars and pubs. They are, by their very nature, expensive to buy and install. Ideally a draught system needs a dedicated cellar area in which to store the barrels and keep the beer cold. A lot of Indian restaurants would have difficulty selling the 80 or so pints that make up a keg before the beer went out of date.

Coors were no doubt aware of these issues when they began marketing their compactdraft system. The system is ideally suited for small to medium sized restaurants. The main benefit, as the name suggests, is its compact size. The entire system, along with its kegs is small enough to fit directly under the bar. There is no need for a cellar or long lines to pump the beer. The shorter the lines, then the less wastage takes place. The other obvious advantage of Coors Compactdraught system is that it utilises smaller, 20 litre (35) pint kegs. Not only do they take up less space, but they are much easier to handle- weighing only 27 kg when full. However the system can still be connected to full size kegs of up to 36 gallons. According to Bob Pratt, Coors Marketing Manager, the system is very easy to install, clean and maintain.

“Our engineers install most systems in less than two hours. This includes instructions on how to use, clean and maintain the system. To date we have installed over 1,400 compactdraught systems.” Bombay Spice, of York has had the system installed for some time now and co-owner, Ali Ashan is very pleased with the results,

“I find that the Coors draught system fits nicely in the limited space behind the bar,” he says. “The beer is perfect, there is no wastage at all and the line cleaning is very easy. Since we’ve had the system installed we’re selling more pints of Carling.”

Other happy customers include the Purple Pakora restaurant, in Poynton, near Stockport, who have had the system installed for over four months. Co-owner Bob Azim Bakht believes the profit margin is higher than the Carlsberg draught system they were using previously as there is very little wastage.

“Another advantage of the Coors draft,” he adds, “is that it pours a colder pint than the Carlsberg system, which has led to increased sales.  “It is very easy to use, it is exactly the same to clean and maintain as a conventional draught system.” The beer is kept cold by use of a unique gas management system which monitors the temperature of the keg and adjusts the amount of gas required to serve the beer at the ?optimum level. The beer is kept constantly cold.


The draught system is provided and installed free of charge. Pratt said: “All we ask for is an agreement to serve only Coors brands through the system, purchase kegs through our national Coors partner wholesale network and agree to a minimum weekly barrelage, depending on the number of fonts.”


It looks like everyone is kept happy with a draught system such as this- the staff with lighter kegs and easy maintenance, the owners with higher profit margins and free installation and finally the customer, who is sitting smiling, behind a perfectly poured pint of cold beer.



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