More Than Just An Unusual name

Posted on Analysis Oct 2008 - by Tandoori Magazine
More Than Just An Unusual name

Rozijo doesn’t sound like your typical Indian catering company, but its success speaks for itself, as company owner Donney Samuel tells Antony Lopez.

For a company established just two years ago, Rozijo has already made a name for itself in the busy world of Indian catering. But with its willingness to be just that little bit different, proprietor Donney Samuel explains how the business name came about:

“Rozijo is simply the first two letters from each of my children’s names - Rochelle, Ziona and Samuel,” he says. The business is divided into two distinct parts- a catering and event organising company and an Indian food delivery outlet. Before coming to the UK, Samuel had worked for some of New Delhi’s top hotels. When he came to London, Samuel worked for one of the capitals top Indian restaurants. However, after five years, as he realised he could progress no further within that company, it seemed the obvious next step was to start his own business. “I thought with all the experience I have gained over the years, I  should put it into practice and start my own company,” he explains. “With the hotels I worked for in India, my experience had always been  around conferences and Indian weddings, so this inspired me.”

Most of Rozijo’s clients are private individuals and events are held in  all kinds of venues, hotels, country houses and maybe even the client’s own house. A large proportion of these events are Indian weddings. “We can cater for any number of people, from 100 to 1,000 and beyond, in any type of venue.” Regarding the changing needs, Samuel explains, “every venue is different, every venue has its own challenges. I sit down with the client and together we work out exactly what is required on the day.” When describing what type of service they provide, he says, “We provide everything and whatever is needed for the event, ranging from food, entertainment, music, décor or even photographs. Everything has to be perfect, from the equipment to the food to the staff, because this doesn’t just represent my company, this also represents the client who has hired us.” Samuel continues, “Whatever  the venue, at all times health and safety regulations have to be  followed.”

Regarding the food they provide, Samuel says, “It is mainly Indian food, but Chinese food is also very popular at Indian weddings. Other times it’s traditional English food. Basically we can meet any requirement.” Rozijo prepare most of the food off-site. However with Indian weddings some items have to be prepared fresh on the day,  bread and rice for example. With the takeaway side to the company, everything is ordered and paid for on line- with 48 hours notice needed for delivery anywhere within the M25.

“We are not like a normal takeaway,” Samuel explains. “There is a minimum order of 50 units for each portion.” The  other thing we do are set party menus, either vegetarian or not, again with a minimum order of 50.”

As well as the food, Rozijo also supply and deliver quality Indian sweets, “These can be delivered to anywhere within the UK, with a minimum order of 5kg. We supply everyone from restaurants to private individuals.”

Samuel has lots of advice for anyone thinking of starting a catering and event organising company: “The most important thing is hard work, determination and honesty. The second is never compromise on the quality of your work. Lastly, be innovative and follow your instinct with ideas, because event catering is all about creativity.” Samuel has one last piece of advice, “Don’t forget those less fortunate than yourself. As a company we support a charity called Action Against Hunger - for every order we take on line, a small percentage goes to help combat hunger and poverty worldwide.”

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