It’s in his blood!

Posted on Analysis Jul 2010 - by Tandoori Magazine
It’s in his blood!

Berkshire based restaurateur, businessman and passionate member of the culinary sector, Abdul Muhaimin Miah talks to Alan McComb.

The original Man for all Seasons plot is based on the story of Saint Sir Thomas More, the 16th-century Chancellor of England, who refuses to endorse King Henry VIII’s wish to divorce his aging wife Catherine of Aragon. The play portrays More as a man of principle, envied by rivals such as Thomas Cromwell and loved by the common people and by his family.

The modern culinary equivalent, certainly endorsing the line ‘envied by rivals and loved by the common people’ and obviously by his family is Abdul Muhaimin Miah, Berkshire based restaurateur, businessman and a passionate believer in the future of the culinary trade in this country.

It is in his blood after all!

‘My father introduced me through his restaurant, The Bina in Northwood, providing me with an excellent platform upon which to build my career in the industry’, beaming with pride as he said so.

I have known Abdul for fifteen years, and through that time he Abdul has encountered great success with countless awards for his portfolio of restaurant interests, but he has also encountered many trials and tribulations, experiences which have helped to mould his determined character.

‘Until and unless you can successfully overcome adversity, especially in the business world, you cannot fully appreciate the reality of life. Both success and failure are great learning opportunities for young and inexperienced people operating in the restaurant trade. I have made mistakes, some of them big ones, losing control of direction, making poor decisions, a lack of focus. Each error became a financial lesson in management, but each one was a single lesson, never to be repeated.”

His business interests continue to grow as do his leadership roles and responsibilities. He is Founder Director of the Bangladesh British Chamber of Commerce, Secretary-General of the Guild of Bangladeshi Restaurateurs, a major charity supporter as well as having a direct involvement in restaurants throughout Berkshire, Edinburgh and a major hotel project in Bangladesh. Most of all he values the help he is able to provide to those seeking their future in the restaurant industry.

‘Having started my career as a restaurant owner at eighteen I am in an ideal position to be able to advise others as they seek to progress from one position to a more senior role. I spend many of my hour each week offering guidance throughout the industry, the porter who wishes to be a chef, the waiter seeking a management role or the manager eager to become an owner, all are treated with professional guidance built from personal as well as professional experience.’

With a highly supportive family supporting him I asked what new challenges lie ahead for a man who views obstacles as mere challenges.

‘I would like to challenge government thinking , to attempt to attract considerable more practical support from an industry worth more than £4 billion to this country each year, and to attempt to encourage young people with a range of skills, including computer related skills, to come into an exciting industry with an even greater and more challenging future ahead. From three restaurants in 1948 to more than ten thousand more in 2010 our industry is a real success story but current regulations and more planned changes will do nothing to aid and support growth, let alone recognise our contribution to this country’.

A personal contribution built from honesty, integrity and personal success in future political debates about immigration, regulations and the culinary industry could be a possible future move for this highly energetic and talented business man.

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